Top 10 App Developers In Montreal.

Montreal is becoming a technological hub in the region of North America.

With numerous grad students from several universities pursuing research and big companies investing millions of dollars, the tech world in Montreal is everything but boring or unproductive.

With start-ups that have proven their effectiveness by capturing both the attention of consumers and investors, Montreal’s tech companies are knowing a huge success in a lot of fields from which we can mention smart energy networks and smart wearable devices.

Montreal’s businesses map shows a lot of concentration in the app and software development with either start-ups setting shore in Montreal or established businesses looking for the next team of developers to team up with.

We are helping businesses expand their businesses and get it to the next level. If you are an entrepreneur or an established business looking to partner with a team of developers, we prepare for you a list of the top 10 most effective and promising companies in the app development andsoftware development industry in Montreal:

Brossard App Design

Brossard App design is mainly a mobile development company also offering a variety of services like software development and Artificial Intelligence integration in apps as well as Virtual Realityintegration.

The company works on developing apps on both IOS and Android and their portfolio isdiversified showcasing apps across numerous industries as retail, healthcare, education and online gaming.

Brossard Design has collaborated and secured big clients such as Coca-Cola, Golds Gym and loto Quebec. The apps developed by Brossard Design are being used by millions of users around the globe and their reviews whether on their main website or Google are high.

The company’s long-term vision is to develop an unprecedented development hub for the greatest software ideas and innovations in the world.

App Studio

App studio is a mobile app design and development company offering services in Native IOS development, native android development and unity game development.

They have worked with Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries to create mobile apps that are actively being used worldwide.


Underlabs is a software development workshop. They develop native mobile applications, web applications and desktop applications.

They take huge pride in designing and developing their products in Montreal, Canada. They also help start-ups from initial concept to release in addition to post-production support in monetizing.

Guarana Technologies

Guaraná Technologies is a mobile app development agency based with offices in Montreal and Toronto. They specialize in building native iOS and Android applications.

They have a talented team of engineers with expertise in many new technologies such as React Native, IoT, Beacons, among others.


Founded in 2009, Cortex works on everything from mobile app development to AR-VR technologies, AI & IoT.

Their creative team evaluates every aspect of your business, seeking out all potential opportunities for innovation or optimization – even the ones you may have overlooked.

They also propose novel solutions, custom designed, and exclusive to your company.


Spiria specializes in digital projects such as digital change for companies driven by the passion to innovate and the desire to lead the way.

They help companies transform business models, customer experiences and operations. They design and develop custom software, web, mobile and IoT solutions for business across multiple industries and help the deliver amazing experiences and define what is the next thing coming.


Samsao are experts in creating applications to leverage raw data created with IoT objects.

They have helped countless companies to unlock the potential of their connected devices.

Their main focus is not just collecting data but also turning it into easy to process and actionable insights to allow business to get the best out of their own data.


Plank is an award-winning digital studio based in Montreal. Since 1998, they have committed themselves to making the web a better place.

Their team of experienced and enthusiastic digitalcraftspeople is the heart of their agency.

Plank and their dedicated team thrive on working with businesses to find the best solutions for your digital projects.

Bureau – Billy

Bureau Billy helps start ups and industry leaders build products that are a pleasure to use.

They are a team of talented engineers, product designers and managers who work with start ups to help them find better solutions and turn their ideas into well thought-out and compelling products.

App & Flow

App & Flow is a Montreal based mobile development studio specializing in React Native.

They work on amazing projects from across the globe, and take ownership of the full tech stack, so you can count on a solid product and focus on the most difficult part of starting a tech company: marketing your app.

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