Financial Technology.

Financial Technology is knowing a lot of attention from tech giants as well as financial institutions and is bringing a lot of change to the economy and the way customers interact with payment methods.
Mobile payments is one aspect of fintech that is getting a lot of appreciation from customers as it allows them to pay with one single tap using Near Field Communication Technology. As, a business or technology enthusiast, it is very wise to keep an eye on this trend. To help you, here are the trend that mobile payments will know in 2019.

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Marc Haddaoui

Accomplished entrepreneur. Passionate about Software engineering with skills aquired at the University of Toronto and UQAM. Now proud Managing Partner at Brossard App Design (Software Engineering Firm) and investor in many other Ventures.

I Hope to inspire people with my creative team and my will to build strong relationships and great Tech Solutions.

With experience and interest in modern software technologies (Mobile app solutions, AI solutions, web Apps & creative software's) we strive to create a unique and personalized products and solutions to help our partners & clients develop their projects and businesses.

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