2019 Startups: Canada’s Best

As 2019 is coming to an end, it is time to start thinking about the upcoming year’s goals and achievements we want to see come to life. That being said, we wanted to leave you with what we hope would be a motivational post.

In this article, we will present you Canada’s most well-funded and established startups. If you are an entrepreneur wanting to launch a business from the ground or if you are someone with a disruptive idea but lacking motivation, these companies success stories could be the extra kick you need to start pursuing your dream. If you are looking, however, just drop us a message and we will be in touch. Last but not least, if you are looking for guidance or looking for some inspiration, you can visit our articles that have a variety of topics ranging from getting your app funded to disruptive industry trends in the tech world.

Enough about us, though, and let us start discovering Canada’s elite startups. Bear in mind that the order in which the startups will be displayed reflects no ranking or favours no startup over another. The order is simply random. On that note, let’s discover the first startup.


If you are into the tech industry in Canada then you must have heard this name, at least once. And, there is a reason for that. ElementAI is considered to be the leader of Canada’s AI landscape with funding equal to $107 Million. ElementAI helps organizations become stronger, safer and more agile by using their AI-powered suites of software solutions; impressive feat. The company’s main target markets are data-centric ones; markets where data is the most valued currency. These include, but are not limited to, wealth management, retail, cybersecurity and banking.

You can have a more thorough look at their work by visiting their website


This is also another famous name that ought to be known to people that operate in the FinTech industry. To put it simply, this app allows individual users to better use and understand their finances. Simply put, Wealthsimple provides simple and accessible money management solutions. Diversifying investments through various assets and optimizing tax bills, it manages the user’s money and risks with automatic rebalancing, dividend reinvestment, and tax loss harvesting thanks to its cloud-based platform and a team of financial experts.

To learn more about their solutions, we will teleport you there.


LightSpeed is one of the most successful startups based in Toronto. The company has collected funds up to $347 Million and are now publicly traded in the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker LSPD. We are perfectly aware that may eliminate it from the “startup” status, but it their journey is quite the inspirational one. You can check that clicking here. In a nutshell, LightSpeed offers a Point-Of-Sale Software, table management and analytics platform to restaurateurs and retailers. It has a centralized platform with POS software and omnichannel retail solution allowing business owners to easily run their businesses by combining inventory management, customer preferences, sales and reporting with an e-commerce platform, all with data-driven decisions.

Top Hat

This startup falls also in the tech industry, but with a focus on education. Top Hat is setting itself to revolutionize classic lectures by allowing both students and professors a better way to interact during lectures. Through its student engagement and interactive teaching platform, Top Hat aims at helping college professors activate classrooms, by allowing students to use their personal devices during class through quizzes, polls, and simulations.

For more information about their product or success story, feel free to browse their website.


DistrictM is also a startup that falls into the tech category. This is also a very famous startup with many successful endeavours which also worked with Montreal’s biggest AI companies such as DataPerformers. You can know more about DataPerformers by giving them an online visit. Back to DistrictM, they are District M is an advertising exchange platform. It provides a convenient marketplace with programmatic solutions for publishers and advertisers to quickly and easily connect, and maximize opportunities to match the offer and demand for digital advertising.

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