UX Design Trends You Should Look for in 2020

The Need For Innovation:

The mobile apps market is getting bigger and more profitable by the day which attracts a lot of individuals to it. These people range from tech enthusiasts, to software engineers to established investors. But, with the increasing number of stakeholders being involved in the industry, innovation becomes a must. This is to say that as the number of startups and companies competing for a piece of the market, innovation allows you to have the edge over others.

The following lines will quickly explain why innovation is a necessity and later we will dive into the fascinating world of UX. Innovation will basically allow you to survive in a market where technological services and products are becoming a commodity. This is another topic for another time, but at least you know why you should get creative.

On that note, let us dive into our main topic which User Design Trends. If you are a practitioner, you would be familiar with the term. The actual terminology would be User Experience Design, but we will stick to user design. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, user design refers to manipulating the user behaviour using usability, accessibility and desirability provided in the user’s interaction with a company’s product.

In the upcoming parts of this article, we will introduce the major UX trends that you ought to focus on so you can bring your business up to speed with the market trends and make sure you are safe and present in the long run.

Offer Better Experiences: Voice Search

If we take a look at the data, more and more brands are starting to target voice technology by investing in them as mobile apps are beginning to incorporate vocal user interfaces (VUI). With more IoT smart connected devices such as Google Nest, Alex and so on invading people’s homes, companies are starting to make their more readable for search engines in a way that they can offer the voice search experience for users. To read more about, refer to the following link to see how to make your content more accessible to search engines.

However, there are certain challenges that might prevent a voice-takeover. Accessibility issues are the primary concern as current voice technologies have shown difficulty in accurately identifying instruction when heavy accents or background noise is present. But, big companies are working on improving voice recognition. Secondly, a VUI allows actions to be executed based on spoken commands. Changing interfaces require UX designers to abandon old techniques and mindsets for what it means to design a mobile app experience. This you opportunity to get introduced to the world of AI consumer technologies, so do not miss it.

Speed: 5G Technology

5G… you might be thinking what is the correlation between a new generation of wireless communications and you mobile app design and if you are, we cannot blame you. But, we will tell you the correlation and let you decide if you want to consider optimizing for speed or not.
There a few things that can build high excitement and expectation in the tech world, and 5G is definitely one of the most anticipated technologies. If you do not have a lot of information about this technology and its potential, candly head over to our article where we cover this topic in depth.

IoT: Synchronized Devices

Device synchronization is one of the latest trends in the tech world due to the overwhelmingly increasing number of devices owned by each user. Think of this way, on average a user has a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop and in some cases a smart home device such as Alexa. Optimizing their experience by synchronizing the data of the user would be a homerun.
Nowadays users demand dynamic capabilities across all devices with seamless experience which is logical considering where we are in terms of technology. Today the interaction is associated with the achievement of booking a cab or hotel, buying things online or control the home — as all of these can be done via the internet. The goal here is to have a single ceaseless operation that can be performed on different platforms uninterruptedly.

Integration of Reality Technologies:

Many applications are used by consumers to fulfill their daily needs or online shopping from the convenience of their homes. And this is a trend that you need to keep an eye on. It is worth to note that this trend is the most expensive as reality technologies aka AR & VR are quite a hefty investment.. However, as users become more interested in these technologies, your mobile app or website will need to integrate them to meet the end user’s expectations. If you do not have a lot of experience regarding reality technologies and their integration into exciting operation, we can help you with that. Head over to this page to have an in-depth look of what it takes to build an empowered online presence with AR & VR.

It’s a Wrap:

As the competition is ever-increasingly rising, staying in sync with these UX trends will help you and your business strategically form a digital world around your product or service that meets the needs and wants of the end-user which ultimately will drive your sales and empower your brand and customer retention. Are you up for the challenge?

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