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We build and integrate AI software into your business’ core operations to get the most out of your data and make better and safer decisions.


We are experts in machine learning and data science and work with your in-house team or help you deliver projects using entirely our resources. We have implemented close to a 100 use cases in AI and machine learning till date.


AI is hard and you will need a partner whose only business is AI. Contact us now to learn more. There is a lot of hype in AI. We at Brossard App Design help you focus on use cases which can be done with current AI and help you with an end to end AI and machine learning strategy and implementation with direct ROI.


We help global companies and medium-sized companies in Finance, Healthcare, Energy, Retail, Pharma, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media, Government, Legal, Telecom, Automotive, Technology, Oil & Gas, Construction and other verticals with the best end to end AI and automation implementation.

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With the rise of IoT and 5G, more devices are getting connected which creates a high amount of data that needs to be stored. We help you create and integrate the proper AI software that will be the backbone of your business intelligence division. Our software helped businesses tap into their data to get the most of it and back up their corporate decision making with the accurate information delivered fresh from their corporate data. We help your business by delivering information right when you need it.

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Artificial Intelligence is the next hot trend in the tech world. Our talent has the both the knowledge and equipment to deliver to upgrade your business’ software with Artificial Intelligence. Whether it’s an ERP or CMS we have what it takes to make your business operations not just better, but also smarter.

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Implementing neural networks to tap into deep learning as part of your business’ development strategy is a wise decision. Developing complex neural networks to train your business software to make the right decision at the right time is what we take pride in excelling at. Translate your human talent into software to boost your company’s business decision making processes.

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We helped several start ups create and implement various machine learning algorithms. Our algorithms were implemented in different industries and produced remarkable predictive results. Whether you are looking for image processing or predictive analysis, our experience in the data science world can help you create and implement the right machine learning algorithm.

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Data science and analysis is an era we take pride in having expertise in. With an accumulated knowledge and several use cases in data analysis, our team has the knowledge to provide your business with the right tools to get the most of its data and never waste it. From data intelligence to basic KPI automated analysis, we can get your business the intelligence it is looking for.


Every day, as more devices are becoming interconnected and communicating together, the world generates approximately 1.7 MB every second and most generally they just get passed without being used or properly exploited. At Brossard App Design, our Artificial Intelligence development team is all about one thing make lazy data a thing of that past for our clients. Our team will train your previous unused data to generate spectacular leads for your business.

Advanced AI Data Analysis

Our AI models can help you accurately analyze your customer-base, predict the churn rate and suggest optimization strategies accordingly. Our technology empowers your company’s supply chain assets by forecasting its demand and the best distribution channels. Our moderls are able to learn and identify undetected anomalies between your connected devices and suggest fixes.

Our Projects

Vision Analysis

Our AI technology can help you build AI models that detect, track, and precisely recognize and identify features from any video content. These models help with risk level detection, space-time awareness and assets management.

Our Projects

Fintech Powered By AI

Power your business with the right Financial technology software powered by the predictive power of AI algorithms. Predict your customer buying behaviour, purchasing power and customize your business’s supply chain according to these measurements. Lower business expenses while driving higher ROI is what we can promise you from our side.

Our Projects


Qualified experts in leading programming languages ensure the highest standards of quality.

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