Wraps de voitures – L’avenir de la publicité

Wraps de voitures – L’avenir de la publicité

There are many companies using a new visual marketing strategy that requires no billboard space or conventional poster advertisements. Instead they are turning to a variety of modes of transportation to carry their ads and reach a greater market than could ever be possible with stationary advertising. Think of it as mobile marketing or advertising on wheels. Mobile advertising is certainly nothing new. We see it on cabs and mass transit busing every day but one of the latest innovations in traveling ads is the car wrap.

These not only look unique but they also capture attention with their vibrant colors and bold graphics, just perfect for getting the word out there. Possibly one of the most familiar uses of the car wrap can be found in the sports car racing industry. Sponsors pay to have the bright and colorful wraps and put on the race cars, and with the growing popularity of the sport, they get nation wide coverage.

Any car will work with car wraps and if you should need your own advertising, what better way to promote your business as you drive around. Your car will even be working for you while it’s parked. So instead of spending all of your advertising dollars on conventional marketing, why not go mobile? Advanced technology and improved graphics have propelled the demand for vinyl car graphics to an all time high. By doing it yourself, you can use anything from basic „do it yourself” vinyl stickers and decals, to the complete wrap and your four wheels becomes your very own colorful billboard ready get the attention of your target market.

Successful mobile advertising isn’t only limited to the vehicle wrap which covers the entire vehicle, but advertisers can choose to use window graphics as well. Car window graphics can be applied by the same companies that do the car wraps. With the use of perforated vinyl window graphics, you can get vinyl letters or graphics applied to your windows for a fraction of the cost of a complete wrap.

Not only do they look very unique but they are real attention getters, when it comes to getting the word out about your company. Your everyday vehicle can use a car wrap and be used to catch the eye of potential customers and if you have a limited advertising budget it can definitely be an option in helping you reach a larger market.

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