Tendance d’emballage de voitures devrait croître dans les EAU en 2016

Tendance d’emballage de voitures devrait croître dans les EAU en 2016

International Expo Consults (IEC), part of Falak Holding, stated that UAE’s car wrapping industry is set to grow further in the UAE due to the large presence of creative car enthusiasts in the UAE.  As per reports, vehicle wraps can increase business by an amazing 107% for some companies. IEC stated that in 2016, several businesses small and large will continue to turn to car wraps as one of the best, most cost-efficient forms of branding and advertising.  SGI Dubai 2016 will have a dedicated area for car wrapping, to display the sector’s latest technology and trends.

“We have seen a growing trend, whether it is to celebrate the country’s National day or for advertising purposes the cars and vehicles are getting transformed with creative car wraps.  This trend is more popular in US and European markets.  However, this is fast catching up in UAE and other countries in the region. Car enthusiasts are seeking to customize their personal vehicles with full vehicle wraps. Typically, people turn to car wraps to make their cars stand out from the crowd with unique colors and finishes, as car manufacturers today only offer a limited selection of colors. With more awareness about the versatility and convenience of car wraps, more consumers will undoubtedly turn to this method of personalizing one’s vehicle,” stated Mr. Sharif Rahman, CEO, International Expo Consults – Organisers of the SGI Dubai show.

Al Futtaim motors has been supporting this section of the SGI Dubai show by providing the latest Jeeps to demonstrate this technology. Several exhibitors with car wrapping expertise, including Signtrade International, Strings International, and System Middle East, among others, will be revealing their car wrapping product portfolios and services.

“Automobile fans will revel in the car live wrap displays we’ll be exhibiting at the event, especially those vehicle owners on the lookout for ideas to make their cars one-of-a-kind. In addition, those who are looking into car wrapping as a form of outdoor advertising will also gain numerous insights and can network with potential suppliers and experts. Wrap advertising acts as a mobile billboard, making it easier to target a wider proximity of a brand’s target market. It is an impressive addition to a brand’s integrated marketing strategy,” added Mr.Rahman.

The Grand View Research study also found that car wraps’ popularity will expand well outside the US throughout the next few years. From major industrial nations like China and Germany to places like India, Indonesia and Vietnam, car wraps will become an increasingly global phenomenon.  This form of advertising is experiencing a rapid growth, promoting brand recognition 15 times better than other advertising platforms. The growth is also supported by UAE’s automobile industry advancement and growth in outdoor advertisements.

Consulting firm Frost & Sullivan estimated that the car wrapping industry generated USD220-250 million at the retail level few years ago, also assessing that the vehicle wrapping industry will experience a 10 percent year-on-year market growth. WhaTech, a global IT source, also predicted the future of car wrapping by 2020: increased customization of personal and business automobiles, growing demand for businesses, and adaptation in other countries.

“UAE is one of the best places in the globe for automobile aficionados.  In the past few years, the UAE has been witnessing the fast-paced growth of the car wrapping industry and graphic customization. Car wrapping was originally designed for advertising purposes but its ability to inject uniqueness to a vehicle also increased its demand. Its process involves covering every inch of the vehicle in a vinyl wrap,” added Mr. Rahman.

SGI Dubai 2016 in its 19th edition aims to welcome over 400 global exhibitors from across 34 countries and expects over 12000 trade visitors from 78 countries to visit UAE during the show. The show is being held from 10th-12th January, 2016 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, Halls 3-8. It will bring together sign and graphic stakeholders from all over the globe.

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