Choisir bon type de publicité

Choisir bon type de publicité

Advertising is the best way to communicate product information to customers, improve sales and ultimately, stay ahead of competitors. The amount of money individuals and organizations in the United States spend on advertising has been on a steady rise since 2011, and is expected to hit about $220 billion in 2018.

As a business owner, you cannot leave advertising out of your overall business strategy. More importantly, you should choose an advertisement medium that not only enables you to reach your target consumers, but also generates a high sales volume. So, how do you identify the right medium?

There are over 10 advertising mediums or channels. The popular ones include radio, television, billboard, Internet, newspapers and magazines. Each advertising medium has its unique advantages and disadvantages, especially in terms of audience reach. As such, you should perform some market research and determine the kind of medium that would successfully reach your consumers. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Do the vast majority of my customers read newspapers?
  • Do they listen to radio while driving to work?
  • Are your consumers, retirees who spend most of their time watching TV?

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